Please post your memories of AJ here.

This page is for you to remember AJ, as a friend and brother.  Negative posts will be immediately deleted.

18 thoughts on “Please post your memories of AJ here.

  1. May you rest in peace AJ. We pray for your Mom & brothers, other family & friends to have strength & healing. You will be missed & you are loved. Until we meet again…xoxo

  2. AJ, You always had such a twinkle in your eye and mischief in your smile… and you always brought a smile to me. You will be missed terribly. We will always hold you close in our hearts.

  3. AJ , we will miss you terribly. You were an extended member of our family. We will miss your jokes, your smile, that twinkle in your eye and your big heart. Rest in paradise my little buddy and keep watching over your mom and brothers as they need your guidance .

  4. Not a minute of the day that goes by where I don’t think about you and miss you like crazy. I feel a huge part of me has been ripped out. Our family will never be the same without you but we will remember you always and you will never be forgotten. Yes, you always were my little angle. I’ll love you forever , I’ll love you for always.

  5. AJ still cannot find the right words to express our sadness. Just know we think of you and your family everyday. I believe you are in a good place a better place would be at home. Watch over your family.

    BTW I still remember that beautiful flyball you hit that I ( A MOM ) caught

    Love Serena, Ken, Braedon & Riley

  6. AJ <3 I'm gonna miss you bud. So many times.. Me and Banana ( Bri ) have run into you and TJ at mcdons. I know the two of us weren't close but I am still so sorry and so heart broken that ur gone.. You were such a great guy 🙂 I'm sorry I made you mad that one time lol.. Sending you stuff on fb like Y U NO ANSWER and na na na na na.. the boys are waiting.. MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD <3 Lol. Hope you're havin fun up there.. With all those other bad asses 😉 <3 Partyin away.. Rip. xox

  7. Aj, I still cant believe your gone. You were such an amazing friend and a great person. You were way too young… I hope my buddy Nic is showing you around. Just know that you will never be forgotten. You will be forever missed.. especially by me.. I love you buddy <3 Rest in Paradise.
    See ya on the flipside <3

  8. As the clouds moved and made shadows over the feild at lunch you and i would race across the feild avoiding the shadows. Those were some amazing times that i will remember forever. Rest in peace aj.

  9. Aj, wow bud, I still don’t know what to say. I know we haven’t talked a lot since that first summer we all met down at the lake and became a family, but you’ll always hold a special part in my heart. I remember you boys would come over early in the summer and wake me up and I’d make you breakfast. I always have refered to you all as my boys since that summer, and I still do and I have also always said it was the best summer and once again it’s the truth. Everything I see reminds me of you, literally everything, and what seems to be a second I go through so many emotions because these reminders of you are so hard but I need them cause I need to know your still there looking over me. I love you more than I’m capable of explaining and I miss you just as much.

  10. AJ I never met you, heard your voice, laughed at one of your jokes or experienced the joy that you brought into so many lives. From the stories I have read/heard and the pictures I have seen I have to say you remind me of me when I was your age. Fun, always had something to say, pick you up when your feeling down and “High on Life”. Some where I lost touch with that. I cant change how our lives crossed paths the night of your accident but I will say you have altered my path and the way I see life. Your time on this earth was too short and its not fair, I have taken my life for granted wasting it away afraid of success. I want you to know that I am not afraid anymore and you taught me that. You have touched so many people in the short time you were here, I can truly attest to that. I have gone back to what really matters in life. Love who you love and make sure they feel it every day. A stranger is not a stranger we are all on this earth together, so don’t look the other way in someones time of need. Be “high on life” life is precious we don’t know how much time we have, so live it to the fullest everyday. You will always hold a special place in my heart AJ, your life and your actions threw life truly made a difference.

    • What a beautiful msg. Your words couldn’t be truer. Life is too short and you never know when your mission here on earth is complete. Learn to take risks. Stop to smell the roses. Live high on life. May god be with everyone during the great time of need. forever young but never forgotten RIP AJ XXOO

  11. Haven’t stopped thinking about you… I think about everyday. I miss you like crazy Aj! I still can’t believe your gone. You were one amazing guy! But what kills me the most is that you left this earth thinking everyone hated you… I want you to know that no one hated you! There are tons of people that had your back no matter what.. like me! 🙂 I love you buddy and I hope your looking down on all of us and smiling! I’ll see you soon bud!
    Rest in Paradise! Love you Aj! I will always keep you in my heart <3
    "High on life"

  12. I never really knew you were gone until that one night..November 12th. I was sitting alone, listening to our song. I got cold, so I grabbed a blanket. Still cold. I felt that cold rush you get, like adrenaline, but much stronger. I felt a shiver down my spine, and then something caressing me. Then I held out my hand, and I felt this cold movement embrace my hand. It was that moment that I knew it was you. I think about you everyday. Not a day goes by when I’m not thinking, ‘Wonder who AJ’s partying with now up there?’ you know, your super lucky. You get to meet Michael Jackson! I truly do miss you AJ, and I love you endlessly. I hope you know how important you are to me, and everyone else. I’m spreading your story, your life, all over the world. Your famous in California now, too! Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like your around, and sometimes I think I hear you talking. I have ‘down to earth’ downloaded onto my iPod without me even knowing, and I always end up hearing it when I need cheering up. I love you a bunch AJ, you’ll never be forgotten. EVER. Rest in Paradise. <3 #Swag #yolo #Highonlife #HoL

  13. i havent gone a single day without thinking about you Aj. I miss you so much and dont ever forget that. I remember the first time we ever met and i was waiting for some friends to get off a ride at luxton and i was sitting down on the ground and you came and offered to hrlp me up. Then you said “hi, im Aj!” and you had the cutest grin on your face and i couldnt help but smile. You asked if you ciuld take me on the ferris wheel so i said yes and the whole time he asked me questions about my life. He didnt say much about himself because he just kept the questions coming! He was the sweetest boy ever and i miss him everyday. Love you Aj<3 xoxo

  14. AJ although we never met, I know and luv your Mom. Your young life was taken far too soon and my hope and prayers are that your in a safe and happy world where no harm can touch you. Your Mom keeps you alive in her memories as do all of you many friends….Your safe in Gods arms young man….Rest in Peace…

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